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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," April Edition 2008

Time Is Running Out

Our job is to wake up the contemporary Wesleyan Holiness movement, much of which is now asleep in the world view gestalt of the Darbyite heresy, or the dispensational premillennial theory of end-time Bible prophecy interpretation.

The problem here for us is trans-generational. It goes all the way back to what we were teaching dad or grandpa in our Bible schools and in our ministerial study course curriculums fifty long years ago. Friends, it is an historically proven fact that much of the Wesleyan Holiness movement was, at that time, teaching the presumed sacred gospel of "Larkin’s Dispensational Truths," or some other such expression of classic Scofield/Darbyism, without any seeming understanding of what it was that they were really buying into.

What was really happening then was that we were imbibing a humanly-contrived system of biblical interpretational FABLES--exegetical absurdities--as Dr. Daniel Steele described them, which, he went on to aver, was, as theological systems go, “a substitute for holiness, or antinomianism revived.”

Perhaps this is all news to you. If so, then welcome to the club of the enlightened! There is nothing wrong with getting light on a matter and then walking in that light! Failure to be open to spiritual light and walk in it leads to spiritual darkness. Please do not backslide over being closed-minded to the truth about Darbyism, friends! If you do not believe what we say, then there are other folks that you can listen to that will tell you essentially the same thing--dispensational premillennialism is a cult of false doctrine, and not what the Bible really teaches! Of course, it all depends on who we want to listen to, the non-Wesleyan holiness crowd who invented dispensationalism, or the Wesleyan scholars who would tell us that we need to dig a little deeper.

Many well-known evangelists of the recent past, unfortunately, got caught up in Darbyism and promoted it widely through their ministries. That does not make the teaching right. We are not supposed to put people up on pedestals, anyway, friends, but to take our doctrines from the Word of God alone. People generally tend to believe and teach what they themselves were taught. If the original source of the teaching is wrong, as it was in the case of nineteenth century Plymouth Brethren Darbyite dispensationalism, then a vicious cycle of error is perpetuated that may last through many generations. A few of us are honest and bold enough to talk about this, others are not.

Christian conversion demands that we forsake the false religions of our past and embrace the way of truth. We encourage each and every one who reads this article to do exactly that!

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