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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," October Edition 2008

True And False Biblical Fundamentalism

Common sense would tell us that biblical fundamentalism must be a world view that is based on biblical truth. If a scenario is not innately true, then how can it be qualified as meriting the appellation biblical fundamentalism?

Truth, them, is, of necessity, the deeper, underlying issue here. Modern dispensational premillennialists typically tout themselves as being biblical fundamentalists. If, however, it can be rationally demonstrated that their scenario is based on misinterpretation of Scripture, then how does the designation of fundamentalism rightly apply? After all, friends, what can be so fundamental about any purported system of biblical teaching that is based on misinterpretation of Scripture?

It all boils down, then, to what can be rationally proven from the Bible. That is why it is important to back dispensational teachers into a corner, and make them PROVE from the Bible itself the cherished assumptions that they so love to tout.

We are talking here about truth in academics. Dispensationalists, typically, don’t like to get much into academics with the Bible, lest their mishandling of it should then become apparent. That’s why big names of the modern dispensational movement refuse to debate the issue of the validity of their truth-claims regarding Daniel’s prophecy of the Seventy Weeks, Revelation chapter twenty, and other key passages of prophetic Scripture, which they have consistently misinterpreted.

Christian integrity demands that we be open and honest with the questions of absolute truth regarding the biblical basis of dispensational premillennialism. This antinomian theory continues to be promoted in some holiness Bible colleges. Now it’s time to call those institutions to get “Wesleyan,” and come clean in terms of biblical versus speculative eschatology.

What do you say?

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