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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," August Edition 2008

Wake Up! America Is About To Be Destroyed For Sin And Wickedness

The deceptiveness of gradualism now insulates most American evangelical Christians from the idea that the second coming of Jesus Christ might be any kind of judgment on our own society for sin and wickedness (I Pet. 4:17).

The reason many cannot see the day of judgment coming on us, friends, is because the masses, for the most part, are radically deceived by a system of false teaching about the end-time called “Scofield/Darbyism.”

The modern masses who have been hoodwinked by Scofield/Darbyism are all now mentally put to sleep in a false prophetic world view of perceptual unreality in the face of the approaching crisis midnight hour. They are taught to expect to be raptured out while Jews and others suffer. Many of the same people who are taught this theory, however, are not living holy lives, nor are they truly ready to meet the God of truth and righteousness themselves. Such hypocritical moral paradox, as can be observed here, we find to be preposterously revealing.

The fact is that many among the religious right today do not profess, or live, “holiness unto the Lord.” Instead, they decry as loveless legalists anyone who would dare to condemn or rebuke them for their ungodly conformity to the world in dress, and other lifestyle matters, including, in some cases, even involvement in fornication and adultery.

Calvinist fundamentalism gave us dispensational premillennialism, and the resultant self-righteous antinomian (lawless) apostasy of the contemporary American religious right, which has returned to Judaism in its conception of essential Christian truth.

The great falling away caused by the widespread acceptance of dispensational false end-time Bible prophecy teachings is now transforming once largely Christianized America into queen harlot “Babylon” about to fall. Please accept the truth and wake up!

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