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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," September Edition 2008

Who Are God's Chosen People

Many professed Christians today will not listen to anybody, when it comes to the matter of end-time Bible prophecy, who does not say what they already know, and only want to hear. This closed-mindedly intolerant situation of extreme “conservative versus liberal” polarization and prejudice stems from the widespread acceptance of the Darbyite heresy among otherwise Calvinist-oriented, self-styled biblical fundamentalists. Thank the Lord, folks in the Wesleyan Holiness Movement, for the most part, are not that way!

Nowhere is the mentality more thickly prejudicial and intolerant, than when it comes to the question of who are God’s chosen people. Dispensational premillennialism has traditionally taught us that “the Jews are God’s chosen people,” but is this popular teaching really based on biblical fact and truth?

I realize that the “Jews are God’s chosen people” mentality is a central pillar of the Scofield/Darbyite heresy that shapes the ideological world view of the contemporary American religious right, yet still, I challenge all that will listen to me to prove that this idea is, in fact, the teaching of the Bible.

Christianity is an historical world religion based on a book called The New Testament. Where, then, in the New Testament is there any evidence to support today’s popular religious so-called “evangelical” (?) notion that unbelieving racial Jews are now God’s chosen people, based only on the fact of racial decent alone?

Friends, this notion of unbelieving racial Jews being God’s chosen people comes to us out of dispensational premillennial theology, it does not come to us from an honest, common-sense understanding of the New Testament. The contemporary political implications of this discussion are far-reaching and profound. I challenge all of us to wake up and deal with them.

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