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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," August Edition 2008

Who Is The Man Of Lawlessness Sitting In The Temple Of God?

Modern dispensational premillennialists teach that II Thessalonians 2:3-10 describes the career of one-world government ruler “Antichrist” entering into a rebuilt Jewish temple in the middle of some future seven year great tribulation period (i.e., Daniel’s seventieth week) to break his peace treaty with the Jews, and thus, by that act, be revealed to the world for who he really is. All of this scenario happens, in classic Darbyism, after the Church has first been raptured out.

There is, however, no evidence in II Thessalonians chapter two itself to support any of dispensationalism’s touted presuppositions.

Where does II Thessalonians chapter two mention the existence of any “seven year” period?

It doesn’t.

Where does it talk about the “first half” or the “second half” of anything?

It doesn’t.

Where does it use the word “Antichrist”?

It doesn’t.

Where does it say that a Jewish temple has been rebuilt?

It doesn’t.

Where does it say that the Church has been raptured to heaven before the man of lawlessness sits in the temple of God?

It doesn’t.

Where does it say that Antichrist’s true identity is revealed only after he offers a sacrifice of abomination that maketh desolate while sitting in the temple?

Again, it doesn’t.

Amazing what a person learns when he or she pays close attention to what a particular passage of Scripture does, and does not say, isn’t it?

So, what does the text of II Thessalonians chapter two really mean?

It is talking about the “lawless” apostasy of the Church in the last days--a prophetic warning of which Daniel Steele’s Antinomianism Revived book now provides the fitting sequel.

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