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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," June Edition 2008

Why A One-World Government Is Practically Impossible

It is impossible because of sin in the human race. Sin, by its very nature, is a disruptive and socially dividing force. At the heart of sin lies individualizing self-centeredness--envy, strife, and division-- that insures perpetual conflict--not unity!--among the various peoples of the world.

Throughout history there have arisen empires that have attempted to dominate the world. None of these attempts have ever been completely successful. There have always been, and there always will be, wars of liberations among peoples who feel that they are being oppressed or dominated by others. This is simply fallen humanity.

According to the Bible the world will terminate--not with the successful setting-up of any so-called “one-world government,” but in another great conflict (WW III, if you will), in which one part of the world (i.e., the “ten horns”) destroys another part of the world (i.e., the great whore Babylon). This scenario is plainly described in Revelation 17:16ff.

At the end of the world the great city Babylon is divided into three parts (Rev. 16:19). That great city Babylon, which up till now has been unified, is at the end divided! This is not one-world government, as dispensational premillennialism falsely teaches it! Whatever one-world government there will ever be, now exists, or is already past. There is no future coming together, there is only the prospect, without genuine Christian revival, of the world being divided and falling apart.

Why is the great city Babylon divided into “three” parts at the end? Because it is the third part primarily that is destroyed (Rev. 8:7-10, 12; 9:15). And what is this “third part”? Please see Isa. 19:24; Ezek. 5:2ff.; and Zech. 14:8-9.

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