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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," November Edition 2008

Why Premillennialism Is Heresy

We have already written rather extensively about this topic. Here are three more very good reasons why you should get over that troublesome form of doctrinal heresy, called premillennialism.

1. Premillennialism clouds one’s conception of the nature of Christ’s kingdom. The kingdom of Christ is the central idea of the New Testament. One cannot read the New Testament, even in the most causal manner, without being constantly confronted with teaching of the kingdom. Is this teaching important to Christians today, and how important is it? What advantage is there in muddled thinking here, when the Bible itself is very clear? Honest dealings with the New Testament teaching on the kingdom of Christ, friends, leads one away from the man-made theory of premillennialism.

2. Premillennialism clouds one’s conception of the judgment that attends Christ’s second coming. Many important things could be said here, but what is necessary to know is that a very “skewed” understanding of biblical eschatology is the product of our flirtation with premillennial heresy. All kinds of irrational nonsense emerges that is sluffed off on the unsuspecting as “end-time Bible prophecy.” Compete doctrinal chaos is most often, sadly, the observable result.

3 Premillennialism weakens one’s commitment to orthodox Christianity as a religion based on the objective written Word of God. The exegetical foundation for premillennialism is very tenuous, to say the least. The defense of it drives the rational mind in the wrong direction, toward subjectivism, rather than toward objectivity in the formation of religious understanding. This opens the can of worms now called neo-orthodoxy and situation ethics.

Think about it.

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