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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," August 2009

Why Should We Believe In The Imminent Return Of Christ Now?

It is obvious that all those who believed in the imminent return of Jesus Christ throughout church history, up unto this current living generation, have all been wrong--historical realities do not lie. This fact presents us, with the following set of logical options:

1. The imminent return of Jesus Christ assumed to be taught in the New Testament was completely fulfilled in events involved with the transfer from the old to the new covenant dispensations, particularly in connection with the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

2. The New Testament does not really teach that the return of Jesus Christ was imminent in the New Testament age, or in any succeeding age of the church, at least not up unto this current living generation.

To believe the first option, one has essentially to "reinterpret" much of what has historically been assumed to be the fundamental orthodox biblical teaching about what happens at the second coming of Jesus Christ.

And what has the Christian church historically believed about the second coming of Jesus Christ? If I understand the matter rightly, she has believed that Jesus will come again in the end of the this current age of human probation to bodily resurrect the dead, and to judge all of humanity according to their works.

Given this tradition, the second option is a better fit. To allow that the New Testament, when rightly interpreted, does NOT teach that the second coming was imminent in the first Christian century removes us from the horns of that dilemma that must implicate the Early Church as wrong, and thus it's testimony as unreliable. The second option also gives us hope that this generation may be that one to see the fulfillment of New Testament biblical end-time revelation perfectly conflate with unfolding human history. When that happens those awake and watching will surely know it--the Bible does not lie!

So what exactly are we looking for? Darbyism to materialize? Or end-time Bible prophecy to be fulfilled? Contrary to modern, popular perception these two are not one and the same thing!

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