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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," May Edition, 2011

Why The Rapture Didn’t Happen On May 21, 2011: Doctrinal Heresies Of Harold Camping & Company

The Devil is working over-time in attempting to scandalize, among the general population today, knowledge of, and faith in, true end-time Bible prophecy. So Satan uses misguided souls, like Harold Camping, to provide an occasion to the enemies of Christianity to blaspheme once more precious time-held biblical truth.

You may have heard the story of the prankster shepherd boy who kept crying out, “wolf, wolf,” when there was no wolf. Finally, over a period of time, when everybody had gotten completely mesmerized and psychologically turned off by the boy’s incessant joking, the real wolf suddenly one night did appear and nobody bothered to respond to the genuine cry for help, as the wolves ate the hapless sheep.

So the psychology of misguidance backfires every time. Camping may have been sincere, but he was factually wrong. Jesus’ warning that no man knows the day or hour of His return is just as relevant today as when He first spoke those words two-thousand years ago. Obviously, Camping and his followers refused to pay attention to these words of Jesus’, evidently thinking that they were smarter than He. So the foolhardiness of date-setting once again stands exposed for the timeless error that it really is.

This brings us to a much larger issue of wider importance. It is by no mere accident, friends, that the date-setters of modern times are mostly dispensational premillennialists in their eschatological orientation. We have been saying for years that dispensational premillennialism, itself, is doctrinal heresy, in the most profound sense of the term, as far as true biblical salvation history teaching is concerned. Need I remind my readers once again that Methodist theologian Dr. Daniel Steele once called John Nelson Darby’s nineteenth century “millerite” premillennial theory “a substitute for holiness or antinomianism revived”?

Camping, as I understand it, refused to admit that Edger Whisenant’s 1988 date-setting scenario was wrong. He rather claims that the so-called dispensational “church age” ended in 1988, and that tribulation period extended from that point to May 21, 2011. Whisenant had already carried Darbyite dispensational premillennial end-time Bible prophecy misguidance to its ultimate logical conclusion, and proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that the whole broad school of thought is a cult of false doctrine.

So the confusion of dispensational hermeneutics rolls forever on, friends, with no end in sight to the nonsense that folks of Scofield/ Darby persuasion will come up with, as they attempt to force current events to correspond with their ingrained, latent mind set delusionalism.

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