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Here are the current works available from Wesleyan Renewal         Advent Publications. The dispensationalists sell their man-made   speculations. Our policy is now to give God's truth for free.

The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate

Newsletter cover photoPublished since December 1989, our high-quality quarterly newsletter keeps the issues focused on what the Bible teaches. A cutting-edge resource for those wanting to keep abreast of on-going refinements to the perspectives of Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Ministries. Please click on the newsletter icon to read the current edition of the Advocate. Articles from all previous edition   can be read under the alphabetical titles index.

Current Works in Print

Our first published work, this is the real game changer. Negatively, it dissects the philosophical foundations of modern dispensationalism rooted in SRA's novel theory of interpreting Daniel's prophecy of the Seventy Weeks. Positively, it offers Wesleyans an alternative precision quality solution to the chronology of the Weeks that supports the historic covenantal position.

If we honestly believe that the Wesleyan Arminian understanding of a universal atonement and free moral agency are the Scriptural truth, then the only view of end-time prophecy interpretation that we should be willing to accept should give prominent place to the practical implications of these doctrines. Here is a logically consistent, in-depth modern expression of just such an eschatological viewpoint.


This inspiring new Wesleyan Bible Prophecy study guide is God's ideological wrecking-ball on Christian Zionism, bringing the contemporary Church back to Christian orthodoxy in her understanding of the most basic concepts of the gospel. Here, for the first time ever, lies decoded those dark apocalyptic mysteries and deep secrets hid for ages, now revealed with eye-popping relevance to everyone still looking for the near coming of the Lord. This is also available as an e-book on Amazon.



Titles of other available tracts and bookets are the following:

1. Covid Last Plagues

2. Meet the Bible Rapture

3. How Dispensational End-time Prophecy Theory is Logically Imploded;

4. Let Me Introduce You to Someone Special

5. The Mark of the Beast Most Sensibly Explained

6. Why No Any Moment Rapture

7. Why Some People View the Rapture as an Argument

8. Trim Your Lamps

9. Why We Should Be Baptized

10. Why I am a Wesleyan and Not a Dispensationalist

11. Christian Conversion Manual

12. The Way of Holiness Bible Lessons  

Last but not least is the full color chart of the Wesleyan Bible Prophecy salvation history perspective.

Ordering Instructions

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