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Recommended Reading

Following is a  list of resources that are recommend for those doing academic research on issues relating to our end-time Bible prophecy emphasis.  Because many local Christian bookstores sell only shallowbook stack dispensational material, you may need to contact a Christian college or seminary library in order obtain a copy of some of these volumes. A wealth of knowledge is available to those with interest and ability to seek it out. Please don't allow laziness or prejudice to steal from you life's golden opportunities to learn and grow. The Bible says God's people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).  I pray that the Lord will give each one who reads these words a deep burning desire to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, concerning the second coming of Jesus Christ!

The Hope Of The Gospel: An Introduction To Wesleyan

, by Vic Reasoner

When Christ Comes Again, by Everett I. Carver

Up, Up, And Away, by Robert B. Yerby

The Christ Of The Covenants, by O. Palmer Robertson

The Coming Of The Kingdom, by Herman Ridderbos

The Pauline Eschatology, by Gerhardus Vos

The Prophecy Of Daniel, by Edward J. Young

Armageddon Now, The Premillenarian Response To Russian

and Israel Since 1917
, by Dwight Wilson

Prophecy And The Church, by Oswald T. Allis

The Meaning Of The Millennium, edited by Robert G. Clouse

Antinomianism Revived: The Theology Of The Plymouth

Brethren Examined And Refuted,
by Daniel Steele

Modern PreMillennialism And The Christian Hope,

by Harris Franklin Rall

The Rapture Plot, by Dave Mac Pherson

The Apocalypse Code, by Hank HaneGraaff

The Blessed Hope, by George Eldon Ladd

The Roots Of Fundamentalism: British And American

Millenarianism 1800-1930
, by Ernest R. Sandeen

Dispensationalism In America, by Norman C. Kraus

Backgrounds To Dispensationalism, by Clarence B. Bass

An Examination Of Dispensationalism, by William Cox

Understanding Dispensationalism, by Vernon Poythress

Dispensationalism Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow,

by Curtis I. Crenshaw and Grover E. Gunn

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